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Theromics has developed a simple, cost-effective tool to address the unmet medical need to create more effective ablation zones during Image-Guided Thermal Ablation of soft tissue. HeatSYNC™ Gel is a novel biopolymer thermal-accelerant that amplifies the movement of heat energy in soft tissue and bone. The gel is made from a naturally occurring protein and delivered via a syringe, laparoscope, or bronchoscope. In addition, all standard microwave, RF, and Irreversible electroporation (IRE)  devices can use HeatSYNC, and its chemical properties augment the energy generated from the ablation system. This augmentation is controllable, customizable, and creates larger ablation volumes in a shorter treatment time. HeatSYNC also blocks complete energy penetration, mitigating the effects of heat sinks and protecting critical tissue. As a result, HeatSYNC gel has multiple liver, lung, orthopedic pain, and uterine fibroid treatment applications. After successful animal trials, the Company is now positioned for formal GLP gel testing, leading to an FDA submission.


Up to 30% Recurrence of Localized Lesions are Caused by 3 Factors: 

1) Incomplete ablation at margins caused by “Heat Sinks”.


Solution: HeatSYNC TA absorbs microwave energy effectively preventing heat loss caused by blood flow in large vessels adjacent to ablation zone


2) Insufficient thermal energy penetration.


Solution: HeatSYNC TA optimizes the shape of the ablation zone into a circle making the ablation volume predictable.


3) Tissue targeting inaccuracy.


Solution: HeatSYNC TA produces a larger ablation area making it easier to target the tumor center and with 3-D modeling optimizes antenna guidance into tumor mass.


Theromics HeatSYNC TA addresses all three obstacles allowing for a complete and effective procedure.

Incomplete ablation_edited_edited.jpg


HeatSYNC TA Thermal Accelerant

Theromics Inc. has developed HeatSYNC™ Gel, a novel thermal accelerant (TA) that is able to augment MW and RF energy by increasing local tissue electrical conductivity in a reproducible and effective manner. Our efforts to develop a novel TA to augment MW and RF energy enabled us to develop a material with high dipole moment, to optimize probe and antennae energy. The gel is made of naturally occurring substances already found in the body and used in hospitals daily. It is percutaneously injected next to or into the affected tissue and stays in place to augment the heat generated by currently used probes and antennae.

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