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Making Ablations Better

While serving as director of tumor ablation in the Department of Diagnostic Imaging at Rhode Island Hospital, Chief Medical Officer of Theromics, Damian Dupuy M.D. focused his research on trying to improve local ablative techniques. Dr. Dupuy then initiated a research collaboration with William Park PhD., a medicinal chemist who had joined the Rhode Island Hospital as Director of Molecular Imaging. Dr. Dupuy and Dr. Park’s work started by injecting substances called “thermal accelerants” directly in the vicinity of percutaneous ablation devices. Within two years their collaboration yielded the discovery of our current thermal accelerant technology and the team immediately formed a business to develop our first commercial product called HeatSYNC™.  Based on our testing with existing microwave and RF devices, we feel HeatSYNC will create a new field of thermal shaping allowing more customizable ablations in larger lesions or pathology closer to larger blood vessels and critical collateral structures.  This in turn will improve local control, improve procedure safety, reduce procedure time and the need for additional treatments, all of which will increase overall IGTA utilization worldwide. Future applications are currently under development in combinatorial ablation/immunotherapy, cryotherapy and GYN procedures.


We wouldn’t be able to take Theromics to the next level without our incredible team who collaborate together to make HeatSYNC come to life. Read below to learn more about us.

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Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

•Trained Mass General Hospital
•Prof. at Brown Med. School
•Director of  Ablation, Cape Cod Hospital
•Multiple Publications Interventional Radiology and Ablation


Chief Executive Officer

•Multiple Medical Device CEO roles
•VP Corporate Bus. Development for Primo Medical Group
•Equity Capital Markets Merrill Lynch, UBS


Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer

•Lead Inventor of  HeatSYNC TA
•Former Director of Molecular Imaging at Brown Med. School
•Research, Contract Manufacturing
•Former Senior Scientist - Pfizer

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