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  • Damian Dupuy MD

Latest Manuscript Published in Radiology

I wanted to share our latest published manuscript in Radiology (https://doi/10.1148/radiol.2019181652). In this study we injected HeatSYNC™ into the lung of a porcine model either percutaneously or endobronchially and ablated lung tissue percutaneously. Our results were very interesting in that HeatSYNC™ doubled the ablation volume compared to control ablations. In addition endobronchial HeatSYNC™ administration produced ablations more uniform in size. We think this may have a benefit during endobronchial radiofrequency or microwave ablations for lung volume reduction or target lesion ablations. Accompanying invited editorial ( ) by Nahum Goldberg, MD summarizes this exciting study.

“In conclusion, given the limitations of current ablation sizes, the development of thermal accelerant compounds that can be injected or delivered in a straightforward fashion during the procedure to successfully augment ablation outcomes has been somewhat of a “holy grail”in interventional oncology. Maxwell et al have brought us closer to this goal…”

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