We make soft  tissue ablation more effective

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We augment and optimize thermal ablation

Microwave and Radiofrequency ablation are minimally invasive treatments that involve the use of high frequency energy to kill cells in a target tissue. Such thermal ablation techniques offer significant advantages over surgery, including fewer side effects and lower medical costs. Their disadvantage, however, lies in the risk of incomplete ablation due to several obstacles. We have developed HeatSYNC™ Gel, a patented thermal accelerant technology, to facilitate and safely enhance the transmission of thermal energy through the tissue during ablation, and thus, improve outcomes for microwave and radiofrequency treatment. In addition, HeatSYNC blocks heat penetration thus protecting critical tissue and structures allowing for a "personalized" ablation zone. There are also numerous other potential applications for the HeatSYNC gel including combination immunotherapy, cryoablation and GYN procedures as well as other commercial applications.

HeatSYNC TA Thermal Accelerant

Theromics Inc. has developed HeatSYNC™ Gel, a novel thermal accelerant (TA) that is able to augment MW and RF energy by increasing local tissue electrical conductivity in a reproducible and effective manner. Our efforts to develop a novel TA to augment MW and RF energy enabled us to develop a material with high dipole moment, to optimize probe and antennae energy. Our gel is placed next to or into the lesion undergoing treatment via a percutaneous needle stick, a familiar approach to all clinicians. It does not migrate and is integrated into the lesion post-procedure before being absorbed by the body.


Caution: This device is for Investigational Use Only and has not been cleared by the FDA or other regulatory bodies.


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